Dear Children! Dear Reader!


“We greet you, hand in hand (or in my case paw)”… and watch with interest whether you want to make friends with PUMI dog – that’s me – as well as the Somogyi deer or the baby colt and our other nice playmates. We also wonder whether you will dream up all sorts of magic at our playgrounds, and imagine dragons, sheep, wizards and mammoths… anything and everything that you can have fun playing with.

You are just now seeing the playground equipment and their pictures. These beautiful wooden playthings were designed and made by the folks living in Barcs for your enjoyment.

The wood for these forts, swings, horses and everything else comes from trees that live here with you. You know these trees, since they often wave to you with their arms made of branches and their leafy hands.

Oak and acacia wood are strong and tough, so you can play on it for a long time. Go ahead and climb on them, jump on them and race off into a world of fun, since they are safe and healthy to play with. This is because we have made sure that they haven’t soaked up any bad tasting poison – or any good tasting poison either!

Everything here is for you to play with and have fun, and we are here to

“fulfill…. your wishes and demands”, SO CHOOSE…!